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Why is W3C Important for Websites and SEO?

The W3C, commonly referred to as the world wide web, aka www, is an international syndicate comprising of over 400 companies such as Google, Yahoo, HP etc as its members. The inception of W3C took place in the year 1994, and this pool of online giant was formed to develop a framework of certain guidelines

SEO Services – Find the Right Service Provider in India!

Competing with the websites and always being on the toe to provide the best and better to the users than the competitive counterparts is everything about online business. Online marketing is playing an essential role in the race of being at the top but there is another key factor that is imperative in order to

Top 5 Factors after Penguin on Page Optimization

India SEO witnessing the Google Penguin on Page Optimization roll out was like SEO Company India was witnessing a tsunami but a virtual one. The victims kind of suffered a catastrophe. You must be wondering now, what after the Penguin on Page Optimization? Well the recent developments, the rollouts are beneficial for those who are