Why is W3C Important for Websites and SEO?

The W3C, commonly referred to as the world wide web, aka www, is an international syndicate comprising of over 400 companies such as Google, Yahoo, HP etc as its members. The inception of W3C took place in the year 1994, and this pool of online giant was formed to develop a framework of certain guidelines that are to be followed by websites. These guidelines are really vital and though not compulsory, are preferred to be followed in the best interest of a website’s visitors.

If you want to make sure that your designer’s designs and tools get their due, it would be good to adhere to the policies and principles of the W3C. At the very outset, these principles outline the fact that:

  • A website must be ‘disable friendly’. Disabled doesn’t just include people with visual problems or hearing aid, but also people with a problem in comprehending or remembering things. Software tools should enable people with such disabilities to use the website without facing any complexities or without having to feel complex about their state.

There has been a lot of ongoing debate regarding the relation between keeping your website W3C compliant and SEO friendly. Does keeping your website complaint with the policies of W3C syndicate improve your search engine rankings? Well, it just might be worthwhile to keep your website well adapted to the policies of W3C if you want your name higher up in the search engine listings.

  • SEO optimization is done so as to direct the viewers exactly to the website which they want to visit. Search engines in general also show those websites which are properly designed according to relevant keywords. W3C policies might be a part of the algorithm search engines use to determine ranking of websites.
  • Search engines ignore all photos and matter written within a flash animation or multimedia. It is always better to keep text on your website in a simplified format without going over the top. This will help spiders index your webpage better and help in you with a good search engine ranking.

Thinking that just by optimizing your website to meet W3C standards will do a magic overnight, you are mistaken. Well, optimizing your website according to these guidelines is more like sowing apple seeds. You will reap the benefits slowly and steadily over years. Making your website compliant with W3C guidelines will just make sure that website becomes much more accessible to prospective customers.

If you want to know whether your website is compliant with the policies of the World Wide Web consortium, then you can visit the official website of the W3C and get your website checked for validity. This is the easiest method to check for validity of your website and if your website is compatible with the guidelines, then you can display a small batch at the bottom of your website certifying that your website adheres to the policies of the W3C syndicate. Don’t consider the extra cost you’ll have to incur while building the website if it’s at the cost of avoiding the W3C policies!

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