8 Free Tools for Testing Website Speed with top 10 strategies you should never miss

We all spend a good amount of time in designing a website which is attractive but we fail to attract huge traffic or clients. One of the reasons could be greater time to load your website. Http response time could greater than required which will let the visitors abandon the website before it is fully loaded. Website speed is a matter of concern.

Free Tools which can be used to test the website speed are listed below:-

Load impact

Load impact is a tool which can be used to test the speed of website with more than 50,000 simulated users. It gets measurements for each individual type of user and provides extremely accessible service.

 Neustar Web Performance

It tests your website without creating a script. It is one of the simplest ways to get the performance measure of your website easily and quickly.

Page Speed Insights

This tool analyzes your website carefully and finds areas which make your website slow. It also     provides a suggestion to make the speed of your website faster.This tool is developed by Google developers. 

Webpage Test

Using this tool your website would be run from different locations across the globe on real         browsers. Advanced as well as simple tests could be run using this tool.


This tool can be used to carefully examine each and every part of your website and it builds statistics which are based on different performance measures. Pingdom also gives the user a facility to share the results with friends or colleagues. 

What loads faster?

This is a tool which provides you with an opportunity to compare your website with other website which could either be of your friends or competitors and provides analyses to make your website immaculate. 

Browser Mob

A tool from browser mob tests your website using simulated users from different IP addresses and provides analysis for your website showing flaws of your website which was hindering in making the speed your website fast.

Show Slow

This is a useful tool which captures results provided by different websites such as PageSpeed, YSlow, dynaTrace AJAXEdition to help you analyses the flaws in your website and to make you understand how a few changes can improve the speed of your website.

Top 10 strategies to make your website fast:

  • Use some online tool and regularly check the speed of your website.
  • Use lesser objects of java scripts as search engines cannot read java scripts and will unnecessarily make the speed of your website slow.
  • Try avoiding flash images on your home page. If necessary, use it somewhere inside your website except the home page as videos take greater amount of time to load.
  • Try to use a good host for your website.
  • Large images should be avoided as images take greater amount of time to load on the client side and will make your website slow as well.
  • Never forget to use the height and width tags for images as they help the browser to easily identify the Image size.
  • As CSS is nowadays widely used, try to keep your CSS clean and aggregate.
  • Use a forward slash at the end of the link to your website which will help the browser to identify that it is a directory else the browser will waste time searching for it.
  • Use Image mapping to combine multiple images into one which will help to speed up your website.
  • A content delivery network should be used

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