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8 Free Tools for Testing Website Speed with top 10 strategies you should never miss

We all spend a good amount of time in designing a website which is attractive but we fail to attract huge traffic or clients. One of the reasons could be greater time to load your website. Http response time could greater than required which will let the visitors abandon the website before it is fully loaded. Website speed is a matter of concern.

Free Tools which can be used to test the website speed are listed below:-

Why is W3C Important for Websites and SEO?

The W3C, commonly referred to as the world wide web, aka www, is an international syndicate comprising of over 400 companies such as Google, Yahoo, HP etc as its members. The inception of W3C took place in the year 1994, and this pool of online giant was formed to develop a framework of certain guidelines that are to be followed by websites. These guidelines are really vital and though not compulsory, are preferred to be followed in the best interest of a website’s visitors.

If you want to make sure that your designer’s designs and tools get their due, it would be good to adhere to the policies and principles of the W3C. At the very outset, these principles outline the fact that:

SEO Services – Find the Right Service Provider in India!

Competing with the websites and always being on the toe to provide the best and better to the users than the competitive counterparts is everything about online business. Online marketing is playing an essential role in the race of being at the top but there is another key factor that is imperative in order to grow many folds, SEO Services. And to be able to be on the top choosing the right SEO Services in inevitable.

You need to choose an SEO company that is efficient in fulfilling all your requirements. SEO India is an option that is not only attractive but also extremely efficient. SEO India has the capability of meeting all your requirements and in turn helping your business grow and gain profits. It is a simple fact that progress of the websites totally depends on the visits by the users. More the visitors the better the business and all the more better are chances of increased sales which eventually results into increased profits.

Top 5 Factors after Penguin on Page Optimization

India SEO witnessing the Google Penguin on Page Optimization roll out was like SEO Company India was witnessing a tsunami but a virtual one. The victims kind of suffered a catastrophe. You must be wondering now, what after the Penguin on Page Optimization? Well the recent developments, the rollouts are beneficial for those who are working on it ethically. If you are among the one who is involved in doing ethical SEO then you don’t have a thing to worry about. You should not be worried about where it might go from here and what kind of an approach does it deserve from you now. But yes you should not relax completely. It would be a great idea if you do a review on the SEO techniques you involved in your growth process.

A quick check on the SEO techniques you used in the past will help you know whether you are on the right track. Ensure that the resources and the techniques involved in the past and still being practiced by you and your worker (outsourced or not) were ethical and then you and your worker can go on your merry way. Well most of the techniques are still in use today on the condition that they are ethical, so what are the top five factors after Penguin on Page Optimization, let’s check them out: