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Landing Page Optimization & Promotion India

How does it feel when you click on a link from the results on Google and you land on the exact page with the information that you wanted. For example, if you wanted to purchase a digital camera for gifting to your brother and when you clicked one of the links on the search pages, it landed you on a digital camera comparison sheet along with all the details including price and specifications. And, wouldn’t it be an irritation that the links direct you to the homepage, history or some page with some unwanted information?

The point is that the landing needs to be relevant so that the user can be encouraged to take the action and turn into a prospective customer. Thus, it is important to perform proper Landing Page Optimization so that the landing page is properly optimized so that users are able to get the precise and relevant information they seek.

So, how are you going to perform Landing Page Optimization so as to attract the right web traffic India, sticks the prospects to the page and inspires them for a call to action.

Keep it Simple and Direct

Modern-day users are short of time and patience, and they are not going to read anything that is too long. This means that your landing pages must be short and to the point, saying precisely what the user should be doing to achieve his/her goal. It is equally important that before the landing page makes the call to action, it should inform the website that it represents and what the site contains.

For example, when a user clicks a link on his email, the link would direct him to the website’s landing page. And, if the user isn’t aware of the landing page’s relevance, there is going to be confusion.

Additional Information

Don’t always expect that the user is going to take action after reading some sensational content. There is no doubt that the content would help take the user through the paragraph. However, providing useful information along with the right links can play the trick so that the user can move ahead to the next step in his/her quest.

When you are offering links, make sure that tags are created for each one of the links. This is going to enable your webmaster to find out the point where the prospect stopped following when trying to buy a product or service via an e-commerce site.

The tag would tell the user the link that is more popular and the one that is the least visited one. And, passing on this useful information to the user makes for better Landing Page Optimization as it the page becomes more accessible and suitable.

Keyword-Based Content

There is no doubt that keywords dominate the process of Landing Page Optimization, and most of the time the homepage is designed as the landing page. This is an indication that the keywords are not considered by the developer and the content on the different web pages is not based upon keywords. However, when it comes to proper Landing Page Optimization, the page doesn’t necessarily need to be the homepage of a site. It can even be possible that there are multiple landing pages but there is only one homepage.

Each and every landing page has a specific keyword associated with it. Consider the same digital camera buying example. The various keywords in this case are “digital camera,” “price of digital camera” and others. The database that displays the different types of cameras is going to become the landing page for one of the keywords. A summary of digital camera can be made as the next landing page. So, the landing pages display specific content that is relevant to a particular keyword searched by the user.

Understanding Formalities

What is the reason behind creating formalities so that users can access your website? You may not know that around 30% of the visitors to a websites who reach its entry form just stop there and leave.

Rather than giving a user a long form to fill, it would be better to ask their email address. Keep in mind that crucial relationships grow through emails. All that you must do is to ask the visitor for the precise information that you require to do your business. And, the other details are unnecessary as long as they are not required for selling your product.

Be Ready for Changes

There is no ultimate Landing Page Optimization or any other strategy that can ensure you results. The landing page must have improved and varied content along with graphics. If any online marketing strategy is to succeed, change is a must.

Next, for best results you would be required to try and use different landing pages for a single keyword. It would have to be positioned and then the eventual changes to the site need to be noted. You can use Google Analytics or other tools to find the ideal landing page for a specific keyword.

Landing Page Optimization also means adding variety through addition of images, animations and relevant content. But, care must also be taken that images and graphics are not too heavy to slow down your PC. Most of the users wouldn’t wait for the page to load and they would instantly leave rather wasting their time.


Landing Page Optimization helps in all types of Online Marketing Strategies including Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), Email Marketing and much more. The landing page India is the very first impression that the visitors get about your website.

Therefore, it is important that if you want your business to succeed online, your site should be optimized for specific keywords for all types of visitors. There is no point in creating another frustrating site as it would easily repel your visitors.

Simply speaking, when it comes to losing customers the process is quite fast. This is why you should be take advantage of Landing Page Optimization and practice flexibility and relevance of content so that you get the most targeted web traffic to your site.