Pay Per Click Services


Pay Per Click Services

Today Internet Marketing is very vast & every Companies / Industry want to top in global market.

Suppose you are new in market & very little people know to your business. So if you want to explore your business in globally than you need to invest less money & get more business through your website than you can use Google Adwords or many another Pay per Click Search engines. Pay per Click is probably the most effective means of driving highly pre-qualified prospective customers to any web site. The most controllable form of search engine placement is the pay-per-click model.


PPC strategy for Generate Business Benefits

We Understand your business Fix your Location where you want to show ad in Countries and territories or Regions or cities Customized. Choose the right keywords for your profitable business. If you go after the broad phrases and terms, you’ll pay top dollar. Strive for more descriptive and specific search terms that reflect your products or services. Map out a strategy. Target your online ads around business priorities–such as seasonal purchases, your most profitable products and services, etc. We are using bid management software. Software can regulate your bids and turn off keywords. Write effective ads. Google, Yahoo! Searching Marketing and other services have limits on characters per line. Test. Test. Test your ad. If your ad is not performed well than we change immediately & make another ad. We try to use different keywords, ad copy, landing pages and calls to action. Put your budget – whatever size it is – to the best use after effective evaluation. Reducing Click-Thru’s – The two quickest ways to reduce click-Thru?s are to make the description of your ad more targeted and to add the price of the product to the ad. Making the description more targeted can reduce your overall click-thru rate, but potentially increase the likelihood of a click resulting in a purchase.

Pay-per-click (PPC) search engines can be a powerful, instant source of qualified traffic for your website. More than 70 percent of their traffic comes straight from the PPC search engines! Our target is control bid-management in Google Adwords for the PPC search engines that increase your traffic while keeping bidding costs low.

Secondly, by adding the price of the product you are selling to the end of the ad, you instantly eliminate those looking for free products, and target those willing to purchase your product or service.

Tracking Your Clicks and Conversions – how much money we are making per dollar spent on every PPC ad. If the ROI is positive and we are making more money than we are spending, then the ad is working and we can use this knowledge to further improve our other ad’s or increase ad spending for that particular ad/set of keywords.



Increased traffic Enhanced brand exposure Completely quantifiable Low risk Highly targeted

Improve Clicks-through -> Invest your less money -> Improve CTR -> Better ROI

After these promotion tips you get more & more results & some benefits that higher conversion rates reward you with

Why Landing Page for google Adwords, Yahoo Search Engine Marketing, MSN Ad Center, Miva UK

Landing pages are often overlooked as a main campaign component but they can be the centerpiece of an effective campaign if properly developed. Since a potential customer has already expressed interest by clicking on a PPC ad, this page must be used to convert that lead time into a sale by including information regarding the exact product or service mentioned in the PPC ad.

As for your landing pages, write a page for each individual product and then quickly and easily build laser-targeted landing pages for your PPC ads by copying and editing them to exactly match the PPC keywords and ads your visitors are coming from.

The benefits of landing pages are profound regardless of the application

Increased revenues or signupsImproved advertising efficiency Increased return purchases Here?s a quick overview of the Exclusive Concepts landing page development process

Involves getting an understanding of the landing page application, offering, point of differentiation and target customer.

Includes creating an offer consistent with the overall marketing campaign?s objective. The most common enticements are white papers, eBooks, discounts, etc.

Employs a crack team of designers and copywriters to put all the graphical and editorial elements together. The end product is your optimized landing page.

Includes the implementation of tracking codes to monitor the success of your landing pages. Several iterations will be tested in order to find the perfect combination of images, calls to action and text.

PPC almost total control over the visitor experience. If you use landing pages appropriately, you can quickly and easily boost your conversion rates, and improve your marketing ROI.