Scaling up the SEO Ladder


It has been 4 years since you took that bold step and decided that even though you are a website builder by profession, your passion lied in the real estate business. You therefore hired to set up your website and not only could you advertise property, you also got a platform to engage with your customers with the help of a blog.

Business has been good and you are convinced that the most challenging spell is behind you, but you still can’t get it out of your head the fact that your site is nowhere near the first page of results in the search engine. You more than anyone else know how important online visibility is. Just recently when you were looking for pest control services, one of the reasons as to why you chose is how highly they ranked on SEO. Well, you still did your research confirming them to be one of the best but this gave you an even bigger urge to rise up the SEO ladder.

Businesses cannot simply grow without proper promotion. Proper presentation and efficient results oriented advertising is equally important. We can assist you in this journey to take your site to the top of search engines and with client based packages, you will discover why we are a respected SEO company.

There are a few tips that can help you ensure that when is finished creating all the necessary content you need to launch your next idea, your site will be well positioned to reap the benefits of a good online presence.

  1.   Have original and quality content

There is really no shortcut to this one and though easier said than done, ensuring that your content is always relevant and top quality is the only way to ensure that new potential customer who visit your site come back to look for more.

  1.   Have regular updates

Can you imagine how bad it looks if when a potential customer clicks on your site they find that your content is one year old? It creates the image that you are either not serious or you stopped transacting. Therefore, ensure that you have new content regularly.

  1.   Include keywords strategically

It is advisable to think of the kind of keywords that people looking for your product or service search online and then use them strategically to increase your visibility.

  1.   Include links to your social media sites

Take advantage of social media by ensuring that satisfied customers can share your site with others.


Rewards of high online visibility


First things first, what is online visibility? Is it having a large number of visitors, from business executives with a business card holder to musicians and athletes, to your site? It could be but to be honest, online visibility is so much more. Good online visibility means that when potential customers in search for a solution to their problem look up the internet, your website comes up. It also means that when people are sharing thoughts and researching about the best options available, your content gets shared. It is that focus to detail that makes online visibility even more important. Good online visibility is what will ensure that you favorite Insole Store comes up first when you search it.

The good thing is that with a few well situated and planned clicks, your online visibility can grow and propel you to levels you previously thought impossible. Even better, you do not need to leave the comfort of your house or get away from your real estate website builder to do so. We will provide the services for you right where you are, giving you a chance to concentrate on what you do best. Every SEO Company of note will tell you that the next big break depends on how well you will handle your brand reputation and how well you ensure that you remain in the thoughts of your present and potential customers.

Rewards of high online visibility include;

Increased profits

More profits means more money in your money clips. The more people learn about you and your brand, the more they will discover your products or services and buy from you. Increased sales result to increased profits. Simple mathematics! It is nice to have a fantastic real estate website design but do not stop there. Increase your online visibility and smile all the way to the bank.

Enhanced brand reputation

It does not matter how good your product be it electronics, oofos sandals or a clothing line is, if only two people are looking at it, it will be hard to convince the third one that you can be trusted in the long run. A huge online visibility assures a potential customer that they can feel at ease doing business with you. It acts as a kind of trust builder helping you to woo more customers.

Positive knock-on effect

As your online visibility grows, as you get rated highly on every SEO blog, a momentum builds up and after some time, you need not input so much energy to ensure growth. One customer tells the next and this creates a kind of positive knock-on effect, bringing even more people to your site.

Tips For Website Optimisation

In a world where number one is glorified as hero and number two is not only noticed, but sometimes also termed as failure, ensuring your website ranks top has never been more important. Better known as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), website optimisation refers to the conscious efforts to have your website highly ranked in the search engine. In layman’s language, it is knowing where to place a key phrase, an image tag and other website components to raise the chances of it being visible in the unpaid search engine’s results. Website optimisation can also mean ensuring that a website runs smoothly and quickly, mostly by editing it to optimise Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) and Scripts.

Web optimisation therefore affects both how quickly you can get your hands on your favourite oofos or how many people click on your blog.

In order to assist you in this endeavor, here are a few tips;

  1.    Optimise the website content.

You may have a lot to offer but if you present it using boring phrases which nobody bothers to look up, chances are that you will still have very low traffic to your site. Ensure that you use words that the search engine looks for and also ensure that your site works properly and is fast. Make it look good and user friendly so that your readers can navigate easily. Having a reputable host like Excida can help your website to not only rise up the search engine ranks, but also turn leads into customers.

  1.     Keep providing new content

What this does is that it keeps your readers interested and therefore coming back to your site. This increased traffic leads to a higher search engine rank. For example if you are interested in real estate, it is not only good to involve an experienced real estate website builder, but also to keep providing relevant content for your readers. Consider it like a kind of referral where one friend tells another and the cycle goes on.

  1.      Know how much is too much

Too much of everything is poisonous. While putting keywords is helpful, too many of these result in keyword stuffing, something that is actually detrimental to your website. Likewise, while an ad or two is a good way for you to make money from your website, too many ads will make the user experience unpleasant and annoying and can therefore reduce the traffic to your site.

  1.    Be consistent

This is especially useful for domain names. It does not help your ranking if you keep changing your domain name or if you keep changing the theme of your website. Consistency is the true measure of quality and involves walking the talk, something that can literally speaking be made wonderfully comfortable by grabbing a pair of shoes at TheInsoleStore.


8 Free Tools for Testing Website Speed with top 10 strategies you should never miss

We all spend a good amount of time in designing a website which is attractive but we fail to attract huge traffic or clients. One of the reasons could be greater time to load your website. Http response time could greater than required which will let the visitors abandon the website before it is fully loaded. Website speed is a matter of concern.

Free Tools which can be used to test the website speed are listed below:-

SEO Solutions Get You Higher Rankings in India

It is a dream for every website owner to get the first rank on results provided by search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN etc as the competition has increased to such an extent that there are thousands of websites which are made every day but are never indexed by a good search engine with a good rank. SEO is a gem for every website owner to promote his website and his products and services which are offered by the website.

There are many tips and tricks available to help people to make a good SEO optimized website. In the discussion below we will be using some clean methods to get a better ranking and not those black tricks because if those black tricks are identified by the search engine then your website could be banned forever. So, it is always safer to go for clean methods.

We will be learning some good SEO solutions which should be used while developing a website.

First of all, the content which resides on your website must be relevant and interesting.

Expanding a Small Business Using SEO

In the past decade, business has adopted various new methods. As with the advancement of technology, more and more people are establishing their business with less of physical presence and more of intelligence. Earlier, to start a business, you required manpower, huge investment for the infrastructure and advertisements to popularize the business which were limited to magazines or newspaper adds. This traditional practice not only required huge investments but also had a limitation on the clients available as there was no good way to make people aware of your business and attract more and more potential clients. But now the scenario has changed completely; many people are running successful companies without making huge investments.

Anyone can now open a business on any scale and can attract potential clients across the globe. All thanks to the internet and e-commerce which has now brought a reform in business. What one needs to do is to make live websites and sell products on those websites. You can interact with the client or can sell products by just providing information about various attributes of your product such as the price, shipping fee, pictures of the product from different angles etc.

What to do to expand your small business online?

Web Marketing – 5 Ways to Increase Your Visibility Online

Online Web marketing, in a short period of time, has substituted traditional marketing. Web marketing, also known as e-marketing, web advertising, refers to marketing of various products and services on internet to attract potential clients. Internet is a good medium for marketing as it provides a global medium for marketing your products and services and has no physical boundaries of your company’ actual physical location.

Web marketing has various facets which includes everything from designing a website to sales. It includes getting your website online, developing it in such a manner that it is efficient and fast, marketing your website which sells your products. Online Web Marketing does not only mean to make your website online, it also includes proper strategies which should be made to make your website visible enough on the internet so as to bring customers.

To make your website fairly visible online, you should follow some of the most important steps listed below:-

Why India Is Best for SEO Services

SEO is an important factor which should be considered while marketing your products on internet to make your website popular among internet audience. To have an expert advice while optimizing your website is add on bonus for your business. There are many companies which are providing SEO services but care should be taken while choosing amongst these companies; Experience and budget should be kept in mind.

Well, India has made enormous improvement in Information technical sector. People all over the world prefer SEO services from India because of the two main factors: cost and devotion of people towards their work.

Choosing a Good SEO Company in India

We all can make a website easily and can get it live on the internet taking space on the server and using a   good domain. But is that it? Obviously not; Building a website is just a small step, what lies ahead is popularizing your website so as to make it fairly visible on the internet. But that’s again not an easy task as there are thousands of other websites competing with yours. The best method to gain visibility and get huge traffic on your website is to make your website search engine optimized. SEO has now become very important for a website to survive amongst people as no matter how good is your website, if it is not visible on the top ranks there is hardly any chance of your website acquiring traffic.

We can put our own efforts to make our website Search engine optimized; but it might take a lot of time and efforts and those efforts sometimes will prove to be fruitless as people competing with you have greater knowledge and are competing with a good experience. To be on the safer side, you could opt for services provided by various SEO companies for search engine optimization at reasonable cost.

What should be kept in mind while choosing?

Why is W3C Important for Websites and SEO?

The W3C, commonly referred to as the world wide web, aka www, is an international syndicate comprising of over 400 companies such as Google, Yahoo, HP etc as its members. The inception of W3C took place in the year 1994, and this pool of online giant was formed to develop a framework of certain guidelines that are to be followed by websites. These guidelines are really vital and though not compulsory, are preferred to be followed in the best interest of a website’s visitors.

If you want to make sure that your designer’s designs and tools get their due, it would be good to adhere to the policies and principles of the W3C. At the very outset, these principles outline the fact that: