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SEO & PPC Case Studies

We are conceited of the SEO work we have achieved for our reputed clients and the worth created. Here is several SEO case studies offered to help reveal the value of a lucratively developed SEO marketing campaign.

SEO Case Studies –

Customer Strength & Objective

Track and Locate is in the business of assisting organizations improve their overall Online business. 295% increase in sales within three months track and locate sees immediate benefits from search engine optimization services.


Being in a competitive industry, Our Client was achieve top ranking in major Search Engines.


Our team did competitors web site’s study and work out search engine optimization and placement approach to complete top ranking for the web site. A link building campaign was initiated to get rankings on highly competitive keywords. This gradually improved the site’s ranking for the keywords over time.

After three months of working on the Track and Locate they got better results & achievements:

  • Achieved a 36% increase in monthly web traffic from natural search
  • Improved the number of tracking business from natural search traffic by 177%
  • Increased the sales value of natural search transactions by 190%
  • Secured page one rankings for a set of core keywords
  • Achieved a 395% increase in sales from natural search keyword ‘mobile phone tracking’

Keywords Ranking Position in Google

  • #5 – Fleet Tracking Application
  • #3 – Fleet Tracking Solutions
  • #4 – GPS Mobile Phone Tracker
  • #4 – GPS Mobile Phone Tracking
  • #9 – GPS Tracking Solution
  • #6 – GPS Tracking Solutions
  • #3 – Man Down Solution
  • #3 – Man Down Solutions
  • #1 – Man Down System
  • #1 – Man Down Systems
  • #7 – Mobile Phone Tracker
  • #9 – Mobile Phone Tracking
  • #7 – Mobile Phone Tracking Solution
  • #4 – Mobile Phone Tracking Solutions
  • #9 – Mobile Phone Tracking System
  • #1 – SOS Tracking
  • #1 – SOS Tracking Solution
  • #5 – Vehicle Tracking Solution
  • #3 – Vehicle Tracking Solutions

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