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Welcome to Website Optimization India training center – the most reliable Search Engine Optimization Services in the Faridabad, Delhi, India.


Why Learn Successful SEO Tips?

Perhaps, you had also coughed up precious money and time on SEO and Internet Marketing, only to find out that you are back to square one no hands-on training done, no practical tips learned, and no secret sauce on SEO imbibed.

But don?t panic right now. If you are vying for that lucrative top spots in popular search engines, such as Google, help is right here. We?ll help you increase website traffic in the right way.

Not only this, SEO planning would enable you to handpick talented workers and train them further for future. And, to handhold you from start to finish, I am right here.

Our SEO Course basically give you skill how to improve your website traffic and how your website get more visitors. It helps you to grow your business international or locally as well. Because these days internet is easily available and people like to find information easily and quickly it only possible though internet. Search engine by


What Do You Need to Do?

You need to only enrol to our SEO/PPC training session. I do the rest. I offer facts and myths on SEO. I showcase examples, which are simply whiteundant and a waste of money, time, and effort. I also highlight what needs to be done to promote YOUR business online.

Learning Areas

In just few days you master yourself in the following areas:

  • Understand the long-term goals and objectives of the company
  • Understand ?True SEO? and how it works
  • Identify and Avoid common SEO pitfalls
  • Learn how to optimize your website
  • Learn how to research keyword/phrase
  • Apply useful and professional SEO tips
  • Learn how to optimize website with tutorials and visuals
  • Apply Social Web 2.0 sites to your website to boost traffic
  • Apply tricks and tips step-by-step from SEO experts
  • Learn how to write SEO-savvy content, press releases, blogs, etc.
  • Learn how to proactively control Google analytics
  • Learn how to improve PPC effort
  • Learn how to enhance the conversion of visitors to customers


Will You Benefit from SEO Training? Do you fit into any of the following? If so, you will benefit from our SEO training classes:

  • Organic SEO help you to find great success in web marketing
  • Webmasters who want to offer optimization and marketing as a service to their clients.
  • Are you want to make a Brand Identity
  • Are you looking to expand your business
  • Any one who want to start their own business and looking for business opportunity
  • Are you aware of the exceptional growth that is occurring in online advertising
  • How to become a Successful SEO Professional/consultant/Specialist
  • Small business owners who are relatively hands-on with their websites.
  • Businesses looking to increase traffic without outsourcing their web work.
  • Companies looking for new ideas on how to market their website.
  • Corporate website development teams who need to re-do their website
  • Individuals who want to learn about SEO for their own personal knowledge
  • 100% Success in SEO


SEO Growth: The SEM industry is expected to be around US $18.6 billion by 2011 in North America. There is a huge demand for talented Search Marketing professionals.


Why you delayed for join SEO Courses. Hurry & get advantages.

Our company aim is to provides effective training in search engine optimization & pay per click (Google Adwords, Yahoo search Marketing, MSN Ad center, Miva UK, services to your careers. Our SEO/PPC training information is aimed at providing you the best SEO concepts in easy to understand, latest google algorithm with insights into the current methodologies and best practices in search engine optimization (SEO).

Learn about the SEO concepts and find out about the latest trends. Learn all about the search engines and how they affect your website ranking. We provides you Live Projects in SEO & PPC where you can exploit live experience in Web & Internet Marketing & everyone knows if you have industry experiences in SEO & PPC you can make a better career.

SEO Courses

  • SEO Concept
  • Industry Keywords Research & Analysis
  • Google tips & tricks for improving Search Engines Ranking
  • Google Algorithm Concept
  • Search Engine Optimization Methodologies
  • How to Dynamic website make Search engines Friendly
  • Tips for SEO Website Design
  • Submission to Search engines & directories
  • Undestanding Classified advertisement
  • Link Building concept
  • Concept of Press Releases, Blogs, News Letter, Forums
  • Concept Social Media Optimization(SMO) & Social Media Marketing(SMM)
  • How is work SMO & SMM
  • Google Analytics Concept
  • Set up google sitemap
  • XML & RSS Marketing
  • Usage SEO Tools
  • How to create Report for SEO

Courses Fee & Time duration

  • Cost of Course: 10,000 INR
  • Time Frame: 20 Days

Pay Per Click (PPC) Courses

  • Pay Per Click Overview
  • Industry related Keywords Research & Analysis for PPC
  • Competitors Website Analysis
  • Google Adwords concept
  • How Google Adwords work
  • Keywords Bidding Strategy & Bidding Management
  • How to create Ad
  • How can make better landing page
  • Setup PPC Campaign
  • Conversion Tracking Setup
  • Traffic Monitoring
  • Ad Monitoring
  • ROI Analysis
  • Create reports for PPC

Courses Fee & Time duration

  • Cost of Course: 12,000 INR
  • Time Frame: 15 days

Internet Marketing Courses

  • How their businesses can benefit from the internet
  • How to establish a competitive edge via the internet
  • How to increase their companies presence on the internet
  • How to promote their websites effectively online
  • How to run a search engine optimization campaign
  • How to create a search engine friendly website
  • How to manage an effective PPC campaign
  • The secrets of online PR
  • How to run a link building campaign
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Spam and how to avoid it
  • How to create a user friendly website
  • How to convert visitors into sales
  • The art of getting repeat purchases

Courses Fee & Time duration

  • Cost of Course: 22,000 INR
  • Time Frame: 35 Days

Our commitment to 100% success in Web & Internet Marketing.

We are so confident you will succeed, we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee the service you contract for will meet or exceed your expectations. Fill out the form on our contact page to discuss your lead generation, search engine optimization, training or Internet marketing goals.