Social Media Bookmarking Services


Social Media Bookmarking Services

Social Media optimization (Social bookmarking), also known as Web 2.0 marketing is a new technique to attract visitors to your website through marketing your website in popular social networking websites like Digg,, Myspace, Youtube, etc and there by attractiving visitors to your website. Social bookmarking has become a powerful tool for Search engine experts to increase the traffic and quick search engine rankings, but not many search engine experts know this tricks.

In Social bookmarking, users share the list of their favorite websites and tag or bookmark it and then share the list with public or to private network friends, which users can click and surf to the bookmarked website. The benefit of Social bookmarking is, it increases traffic very quickly and generate targeted quality traffic. Social bookmarking also helps to increase backlinks from higher page rank websites that will help you to increase your website’s google page rank and indirectly helping to increase search engine rankings. Social bookmarking has some main advantages like your website gets one way permanent links with high page rank.

There are two new terms attached to Social Media Marketing. (a) Social Media Marketing and (b) Social Media Optimization. Most of the People think that social media marketing and social media optimization is one and the same, but there’s very minor difference between these two terms.

Social media marketing in brief means marketing your website on social networking websites like, Marketing Your website means, bookmarking your websites on these social networking and share your website to users of social networking websites. These users again share your websites and bookmark it and share it, if they are attracted towards your website.

While, Social Media Optimization (Web 2 Marketing Buzz) refers to optimizing and designing your website in such away that it attracts social networking users and encourage them to bookmark your website on these social networking websites and share them with their network of friends. Social Media optimization includes putting up few widgets like “Digg This” “Add to” and other widgets which encourages your website visitors to bookmark and share your website on the internet.

Benefits of SMO Services

  • SMO Services allows you to reach and interact with your audience, providing your clients an air of personal relation with your business
  • SMO Services will give you first-hand information about the experience, needs, sentiments, and feedbacks of your target market
  • It brings you closer to the people who require your website, products, and line of business the most
  • It allows you to build a dynamic community that can become your regular website visitors or more ideally, your loyal clients.

Elements of SMO Services

  • Blog creation and maintenance
  • Community building through forums
  • Use of existing Social Networking Sites for website promotion
  • Creation of viral media such as podcasts, videos, and audio streams