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Top 5 Factors after Penguin on Page Optimization

India SEO witnessing the Google Penguin on Page Optimization roll out was like SEO Company India was witnessing a tsunami but a virtual one. The victims kind of suffered a catastrophe. You must be wondering now, what after the Penguin on Page Optimization? Well the recent developments, the rollouts are beneficial for those who are working on it ethically. If you are among the one who is involved in doing ethical SEO then you don’t have a thing to worry about. You should not be worried about where it might go from here and what kind of an approach does it deserve from you now. But yes you should not relax completely. It would be a great idea if you do a review on the SEO techniques you involved in your growth process.

A quick check on the SEO techniques you used in the past will help you know whether you are on the right track. Ensure that the resources and the techniques involved in the past and still being practiced by you and your worker (outsourced or not) were ethical and then you and your worker can go on your merry way. Well most of the techniques are still in use today on the condition that they are ethical, so what are the top five factors after Penguin on Page Optimization, let’s check them out: